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Easiest-Ever One-Pot Dinners: Skillet Edition


This week, we’ve decided to go after a good cause. We’re focused on meals that require only one item—a skillet, Dutch oven, wok, you name it—and you get to figure out what to do with all that extra time you’ve regained from not having to clean a sink full of dishes.


We can’t mention one-pot dinners without highlighting the versatility of the skillet. These shallow, wide pans are ideal for sautéing, searing and broiling (especially if you use one that’s made of cast iron, enameled cast iron or stainless steel). Below, you’ll find a week’s worth of one-pot recipes to also demonstrate the ease of cooking with a kitchen skillet.


Spicy Simmered Eggs with KaleSpicy Simmered Eggs with Kale 

This vegetarian dish is surprisingly hearty, featuring eggs nestled into a bed of garlicky braised kale. A garnish of red pepper flakes adds just the right amount of heat.

Pork Medallions with Roasted Nectarines 

Pork tenderloin, a lean source of protein, is also quick-cooking when sliced into medallions. Match its inherent sweetness with roasted stone fruit (or apples, cooked a little bit longer, in the winter).

Steak Piperade 

Inexpensive, flavorful skirt or flank steak is ideal for a quick weeknight meal. For this one-pan dish, steak is seared in butter at high heat, and its browned bits are used to flavor the Basque pepper, onion and tomato specialty known as piperade.

Smoked Salmon Frittata with Goat Cheese 

This dish works equally well as the basis of a hearty weekend brunch as it does for dinner, served with a big bowl of baby greens and a crisp white wine.

Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and OlivesChicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Olives 

This colorful Moroccan stew offers deep spices, but stays light and bright with tart citrus, briny green olives and fresh cilantro. For an authentic presentation, serve on a bed of couscous.