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Thanksgiving: It’s All About the Sides


Turkey may be the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, but for many of us, it’s all about the sides: stuffing, potatoes, and more. This year, we put a spin on the traditional holiday menu with new, creative dishes that showcase fall veggies at their finest — perfect for the year’s most special meal.


Kale Salad with Quinoa, Pistachios and Pomegranate SeedsKale Salad with Quinoa, Pistachios and Pomegranate Seeds
Tuscan kale is abundant at farmers’ markets in the fall and winter, making this pretty salad studded with bright red pomegranate seeds the perfect side dish for a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. Bonus: you can prep and dress it ahead of time.
Mushrooms with Shallots and SherryMushrooms with Shallots and Sherry
Mushrooms and sherry are a classic combo in Spain, where chefs know that a good sherry brings out the best in woodsy mushrooms. This simple saute is a wonderful way to showcase wild mushrooms.
Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Shallots and CurrantsShaved Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Shallots and Currants
With a little advance preparation, this dish comes together quickly at the last minute—a boon for those throwing a dinner party or preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. With bitter, earthy brussels sprouts, sweet shallots and bright currants, it has a little bit of everything.
Honey-Roasted Spiced CarrotsHoney-Roasted Spiced Carrots
These lightly spiced and glazed carrots are a fun twist on traditional roasted carrots, but they are subtle enough not to overwhelm the other side dishes on the Thanksgiving table. Another plus? They are also delicious at room temperature.
Cauliflower Steaks with Brown Butter, Capers and ParsleyCauliflower Steaks with Brown Butter, Capers and Parsley
Here, cauliflower is roasted at high heat until tender and slightly caramelized. Cut into thick slabs, the vegetable makes a hearty side dish to accompany a Thanksgiving turkey or other roast meats, or you can serve it as a light vegetarian entrée with along with a hearty salad.
Wild Rice Pilaf with Dried Cherries, Apricots and Butternut SquashWild Rice Pilaf with Dried Cherries, Apricots and Butternut Squash
This pretty pilaf is festive enough for a celebratory meal and gets its hearty texture from chewy, nutty-tasting wild rice. If you like, you can substitute raisins for the dried cherries and omit the apricots.
Jalapeño Cornbread Stuffing with Chorizo and PepitasJalapeño Cornbread Stuffing with Chorizo and Pepitas
Use our Jalapeno Cornbread Stuffing mix to assemble this slightly spicy Southwestern-inspired stuffing in a snap. It will bring some welcome heat to the holiday meal.
Herbed Potato GratinHerbed Potato Gratin
Thinly sliced potatoes soak up heavy cream perfumed with garlic and fresh herbs in this decadent gratin, a luxurious accompaniment to a Thanksgiving turkey or any sort of roasted meat. It’s a delicious alternative to traditional mashed potatoes.
Roasted Broccoli with Pine Nuts and ParmesanRoasted Broccoli with Pine Nuts and Parmesan
If you’ve only eaten broccoli that has been boiled or steamed, then you’re in for a treat with this dish. Roasting the broccoli at high heat brings out its sweet side and preserves all of the flavor of this nutrient-dense vegetable.
Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Pecan-Bacon Streusel and MarshmallowsTwice-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Pecan-Bacon Streusel and Marshmallows
For many, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows are a nostalgic Thanksgiving favorite. In this recipe the traditional dish gets a new twist with and fun new topping in the form of mini-marshmallows that are lightly browned using a kitchen torch.
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Our Test Kitchen’s Favorite Healthy Dishes January 8, 2016 | 5 Comments


Inspired by their love of food and passion for health and wellness, our Test Kitchen team launched a Wellness Camp at our headquarters this January, dedicated to teaching Williams-Sonoma employees about little things we could all do to improve our diets and overall sense of well-being. All month, we’ll be sharing some of their favorite tips, from healthy recipe hacks to cooking techniques to small substitutions that make a big difference. Follow along with us on the blog and on Instagram at @williamssonoma and the hashtag #wswellness.


Looking for the best-ever recipes for healthy living? The professionals in the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen have hand-selected a few of their go-to favorites, and you’ll find them below.


“We chose these recipes because they have the key features for clean eating,” our test kitchen cooks told us. “They showcase vegetables and fruits of all colors; use healthy cooking techniques such as grilling and steaming; and get full flavor from spices, herbs and acids.”


Read on to discover healthy, great-tasting inspiration for everyday cooking and easy entertaining.


Eggs Baked in Tomato Paprika SauceEggs Baked in Tomato Paprika Sauce
Fennel seeds and smoked paprika amp up the flavor of this healthy tomato sauce, topped with a quartet of protein-rich baked eggs.
Warm Corn, Tomato and Arugula SaladWarm Corn, Tomato and Arugula Salad
We’ve teamed a rainbow of fresh tomatoes with corn and arugula to create a wholesome salad with the perfect balance of flavors, colors and textures.
Farmers' Market Salad with Tomato-Basil VinaigretteFarmers’ Market Salad with Tomato-Basil Vinaigrette
Make the most of farm-fresh produce by tossing together this light, healthy salad. For a savory crunch, we’ve topped it with crispy homemade garlic chips.
Kale Salad with Quinoa, Pistachios and Pomegranate SeedsKale Salad with Quinoa, Pistachios and Pomegranate Seeds
Tuscan kale teams up with hearty quinoa, crunchy nuts and jewel-tone pomegranate seeds for a nutrient-packed salad that’s bursting with fresh flavors.
Vegetarian Bibimbap with Crispy Brown RiceVegetarian Bibimbap with Crispy Brown Rice
Put a healthy spin on a traditional Korean dish, spicing up brown rice, fresh vegetables and farm-fresh eggs with ginger, garlic and red chiles.
White Turkey ChiliWhite Turkey Chili
Cannellini beans and tender chunks of roasted turkey give this hearty chili plenty of lean protein. Fire-roasted green chiles and a dollop of tangy sour cream finish the dish with bright, fresh flavors.
Ginger-Soy Red Snapper en PapilloteGinger-Soy Red Snapper en Papillote
A bold, Asian-inspired marinade livens up the flavor of red snapper, which is cooked in a parchment-paper packet along with crunchy carrots and napa cabbage.
Chicken and Mango SkewersChicken and Mango Skewers
Bright tropical flavors shine in this light, healthy combo of succulent grilled chicken and juicy mango, jazzed up with tangy lime and red chile peppers.
Vegetarian Curry with Butternut Squash, Eggplant and ChickpeasVegetarian Curry with Butternut Squash, Eggplant and Chickpeas
Seasonal vegetables take center stage in this hearty meatless curry, enriched with coconut milk and fragrant spices. Serve the curry over steamed rice, topped with a spoonful of yogurt.
Zucchini Noodle Faux PhoZucchini Noodle Faux Pho
For a healthy spin on a classic Vietnamese noodle soup, we’ve switched out the noodles for long strands of zucchini, made with our spiralizer. It’s a fun, easy way to add fresh flavors, textures and nutrients. (See our video for how to make this dish using a handheld spiralizer.)
Grilled Skirt Steak with ChimichurriGrilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri
Lean steak gets a big flavor boost from chimichurri, the piquant Argentinean condiment that includes fresh herbs, garlic, vinegar and olive oil. A quinoa salad with grilled vegetables makes the perfect side dish.
img83lStrawberry Galette with Crème Fraîche
Celebrate the bright, healthy flavors of fresh strawberries by making this gorgeous galette. For a bit of extra indulgence, serve each slice with a dollop of crème fraîche.
Yogurt Panna Cotta with Orange-Pomegranate CompoteYogurt Panna Cotta with Orange-Pomegranate Compote
We’ve given classic Italian panna cotta a healthy update by substituting  yogurt for the traditional cream. This silken dessert is delicious on its own or accompanied by our sweet-tart orange and