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Modern Recipes to Ring in Bastille Day


Happy Bastille Day! From a beef tartare on a salt plank to a kale-studded Niçoise salad, we’ve gathered our favorite French recipes with a modern twist. Make one or all of these recipes and toast to La Fête Nationale.

Blackberry Kir
Kir, the classic French aperitif, is made by adding a splash of cassis to a glass of chilled dry white wine. Here, blackberry liqueur lends a fresh twist.
Beef Tartare
There’s arguably no first course that the French love more than steak tartare. In this recipe, a Himalayan salt plank naturally seasons finely-diced strip steak.
Warm Black Olives
In our opinion, olives aren’t served warm nearly enough. Heat fleshy black olives with pieces of air-cured ham, sage, bay leaves, and bird’s eye chilies for a satisfying take on the classic appetizer.
Socca with Burrata, Greens, and Olive Dressing
Socca, a naturally gluten-free flatbread native to the South of France, is made with chickpea flour and traditionally eaten plain. Here, it’s reinterpreted with creamy bur rata, a Kalamata olive dressing, and arugula.
Grilled Artichokes with Meyer Lemon Aioli
Baby artichokes are so tender, they can be trimmed, grilled, and eaten whole with dipping sauce. Here, Meyer lemons add a sweet, bergamot-like tang to traditional lemon aioli.
Warm Kale and Tuna Niçoise
Take the traditional Niçoise up a notch by replacing oil-packed tuna with seared sushi-grade ahi tuna, and tossing lightly wilted kale into the mix.
Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breasts with Warm Lentil Salad
Duck legs that have been confited, or sautéed in their own fat, are a classic French pairing with braised lentils, but bacon-wrapped chicken breasts come together faster without sacrificing any flavor.
Grilled Ratatouille
France’s most famous ragout is traditionally long-simmered on the stove, but grilling these summer vegetables gives them a pleasantly smoky finish.
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