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Our Best Outdoor Recipes for Burgers, Ribs, Sides & More


We created our Outdoor Entertaining Guide to showcase all our favorite recipes for your warm-weather gatherings, from picnics and potlucks to backyard cookouts. Here’s a collection of some summer staples — mix and match to create your perfect celebration. Let’s get grilling!


You can’t go wrong with the classics — that’s why steaks, burgers, kabobs and ribs are at the heart of so many barbecues. For something a little different, check out our recipes for grilled chops and poultry, plus some creative ideas for seafood. These make great main courses, too. And almost everybody loves pizza(tip: it’s perfect for vegetarians)! Don’t forget appetizers, sides and grilled vegetables — with summer fruits and vegetables at their peak, it’s never been easier to throw together a fresh, beautiful salad or snack.

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